20 II-V-I Jazz Licks for piano




20 II-V-I Jazz Licks for piano

Includes: 20 jazz licks – each lick notated in 6 keys

Length: 456 bars (29 pages)

This set contains 20 jazz licks for piano. By practicing these licks you will increase your vocabulary and overall fluency in the II-V-I progression, which is an important cornerstone of jazz. Each lick in notated in 6 keys, so that you really get the depth of the notes into your playing. The licks goes from more basic and strict II-V-I progressions to more exploratory variations.

The licks are structured into four categories:

1: Beginner Patterns (Lick 1 -4, which contains less complex patterns)

2: Intermediate Licks (Lick 5-10, which contains a variation of not to complex licks)

3: Minor II-V-I (Lick 11-14, which contains minor cadences and more complex harmony)

4: Advanced (Lick 15-20, which contains a variation of more technically advanced licks)