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Erik is a musician, composer, teacher and entrepreneur. Located in Örebro, Sweden, he works with his company Music With Erik - a platform for music services and music education. He is driven by the vision of spreading new insights, perspectives, and knowledge that can help other people to grow their musicianship.

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“Erik Slättberg has the optimal combination of musicality with perfect pitch, and a sympathetic and reliable personality. When I call Erik and get to know that he will work with me I feel calm, he will play his part well, no more need for me to worry. He will also do it with a great musical empathy, regardless of the style and complexity of the music. Competence all the way through!”

Dan Jisei – Freelance Musician /Marketing Engineer on Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö

”Altough I have to admit that i’m a pretty slow student, I think Erik is good when it comes to adapting the lessons to the student. Also, plus for a nice waiting room!”

Robin, Piano student

”It’s great with private lessons. A professional and pedagogical treatment by Erik. Our daughter is super happy and is always looking forward for the next lesson.”

Mia, Mother to piano student

”I started with Erik as a piano teacher. Through his lessons i’ve learned things that I can use in my piano playing even today. He adapted the lessons to me, my level and what I wanted to learn. But he also weaved in new ways to play, new techniques and challenges that made my develop my playing a lot. Now, when the years of regular lessons has ended we have worked together at live gigs, and have also been writing music together. He is a really good partner and I choose him all days of the week for advice regarding my piano playing, or if I need a steady pianist by my side on the stage.”

Anna Popek, Music colleague and former piano student


Christina Dana, Make Music Corner, Teaterladan - Örebro

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