The first vision is to serve as a platform for your musical growth. To contribute to new knowledge, insights or perspectives regarding your playing and musicianship. The services are for all music practitioners, regardless if you are a professional musician or if only play music on your spare time. Have you ever had a lesson or a meeting that you left with an inspired and engaged feeling of ”wow, now I really learned something that I didn’t know before”? That is the kind feeling that I hope you will have gain as you use my services.

The second vision is to offer high quality music services. The core of the business is the intrinsic power of music to touch, change and reach the listener in a way where to music makes a positive difference to the experience. For Music With Erik, it is also just as important to make a positive impression on the receiver and customer, by being organized, on time, and well prepared.


Shop – This is the place where you find the music that has been released by Music With Erik in a physical form, as well as a library for sheet music, where you can buy download a printable PDF files. It is also possible to order specific notation arrangements or transcriptions if you desire.

Piano lessons– Located in Sweden, near Örebro? Why not take the opportunity to book a piano lesson IRL? Every lessons is designed for the specific student. It is also possible to take lessons in nearby areas, such as composition, sing writing, lyric writing or music theory. Follow the link for more thorough information about piano lessons.

Counseling/Coaching – You can contact Music With Erik at any time with questions regarding musical guidance.

Music – Do you want to hire Erik as a pianist, book one of his bands, or hire a custom-made line up that serves your needs? Here you will find more information about the music projects that involves Music With Erik.


”One of the greatest things to experience is to be a part of another humans growth. Music is a great tool for growth – not just for the musical practice in itself, but also for your growth as a human being”

Photo: Anders Nordquist.

If I would describe myself with just a few words I would say that i’m creative, organized, detail oriented, and that I like humans. I was born at the west coast of Sweden in 1989, near the city of Gothenburg. I started playing guitar at the age of thirteen, but realized a few years later that piano was a better fit for my taste. The ability to control the harmonies, to fill out, and to have an instrument that was so closely related to composition felt very intriguing, which made piano an easy choice. After many hours of playing and ten years of musical education I now live in Örebro, where I work as musician and piano teacher.

The thing I like the most with this work – both as as musician and as a teacher – is to contribute to another persons journey as they grow. That in return, makes me grow and get better at what I do.

As a person I have always been intrigued by finding new insights, and new perspectives to look upon things. To constantly challenge, grow and refine the things i’ve learned. After many years of experimenting – both in my musical practice and on a personal level, i’m now as a result of that, also offering coaching, consultation and video courses dedicated to specific musical areas.

Music is part of all most areas in my life. Sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes funny, introspective, groovy, harsh, soft, pleasant, dark, cozy or in any other way interesting. I see music a language. A language where I can share and communicate things that might not always be possible to express in word. That in itself makes music a very interesting form of expression. In how many areas except art are we given to chance to express something else than what goes on in our thoughts and in the intellectual parts of the being?

It doesn’t always matter so much what I play. If I like it, it is good. I have experience in a lot of different styles, but my own compositions usually becomes some kind of mixture between jazz, pop and classical music.


Age: 35 years
Lives in: Örebro (Sweden) 
Main instruments: Piano, Pipe Organ, Keyboard
Other instruments Vocals, guitar
Currently active as: Musician, piano teacher, composer

Music Education:
Gymnasium, Folk High School (2 years), Music teacher exam from Örebro Universitet, Sweden (Certified Teacher), Church Musician  (ongoging)

Other skills: 
Arranging music
Composing ordered music
Fluent English 
Photography and photo editing
Sheet music reading
Transcribing music

Computer programs: 
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere, Google Presentation, Main Stage, Logic Pro, Open Office, Sibelius 

2015: KMA-scholarship
2018: Folk At Heart-scholarship for the band Hello Ocean.