Piano Lessons

As an educated piano teacher I offer piano lessons, regardless of your age, skill level or music style. The lessons are designed specifically for every student, and my goal is to give each student the tools they need in order to be able to play and express themselves the way the want in their playing.
I have been teaching since 2016. I have a lot of experience with many different music styles and with a lot of different ages. Some of my students are children that starts from the beginning. Others are adults that wishes to develop a certain skill, such as chord playing, improvisation or classical piano.

I find it important to give lessons that feels meaningful for every specific student. Because of that, the roads to musical growth looks very different for each student. Every part of the lessons has a thought-out purpose that relates to the need of the student, and is never done “just because”. Not one lesson looks the same as the other one! The variety is an important aspect of the lessons that helps in creating a exciting teaching.

Location: Sångverkstan, Gröna Villan, Brunnsparken 4 (Örebro). Close to Ica Parkhallen. A big, green house just next to  Restaurang Svalan.

Days and times: Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays. Time for your specific lesson is decided in agreement. If you are absent, or if you cancel your lesson the same day as the lesson itself you will be still charged.

Term times spring 2024: From 8/1-2023 to 20/6-2023. You can start lessons at any time during the term.

Price and length: 280 SEK/20 minutes, 395 SEK/30 minutes, or 560 SEK/45 minutes. You decide how many lessons you want to buy at a time. Payment by invoice.

*You decide for yourself if you want lessons that are 20, 30 or 45 minutes. For beginners and for the younger students, 30 minutes is usually enough. If you want time to deepen to lessons, you might prefer a lesson that is 45 minutes.

*You decide how often you want your lessons to take place, and are therefore free to adjust the continuity according to your preferences. Still, note that a certain level of continuity is usually better for the musical growth process. Most students has a lesson every or every other week.

*You decide how many lessons you want to buy at a time.

*I can offer lessons that do not have a fixed time, if I have a gap in my schedule. There are more free spots during daytime. (Between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.)

*Would your rather have lessons in nearby areas such as music theory, composition, ear training, lyric writing or song writing? No problem!

How can I book a lesson?: I accept new students whenever I have a free spot. Feel free to send an email to 
contact@musicwitherik.com or erik.slattberg@gmail.com

Still having questions? Scroll down..and I will answer some of the most common questions people ask me about the lessons!


Is it possible to take online lessons?
Sure thing! Just tell me your request and we'll set up a Zoom meeting. Just make sure you have a good internet connection.

How many lessons can i by at a time?
It is up to you. The life and financial situations are very different between my students. Therefore I offer this flexibility, so that you can choose that for yourself.

How often should I have a lesson?
As a beginner, or as someone that hasn't played for a long time it is more important with continuity and to have lessons on a regular basis. Otherwise, you might have to catch up a lot of things every lesson, making the growth process more slow. I recommend that you take a lesson each week of you are young. If you are a little bit older, it is often possible to keep a faster tempo or to work with a larger amount of material, and in that case it might be beneficial to take a lesson every other week, so that the material have more time to "sink in".

How do i pay?
By invoice, which is delivered by email. If you buy only one lesson at a time it also possible to pay by credit card.

Which lesson length should i choose?
A lesson is 30 or 45 minutes, unless you wish otherwise. The advantage of 30 minutes is that it might be easier to stay focused throughout the whole. This might be especially true if you are a beginner. For the more experienced student, the playing usually demands a lesser amount of energy. The advantage of 45 minutes is that you have more time to deepen the content of the lesson. I recommend 30 minutes for the younger students and 45 minutes for the older or adult students.

My child/grandchild is only 6 years old? Is she/he to young to take piano lessons?
Not necessarily. However, i recommend that students of such a young age try one lesson before we decide of the student is ready for further lessons. In my experience, the younger the student is, the larger is the impact of my teaching. It is therefore important that it feels good for the student, as a bad experience might have a very large impact on how the student relates to music teaching in general. Also note that the lessons will look different with the youngest students. I will put less focus on "playing it the right way", and more focus on giving a positive experience. Also, the hands might still be too small to play a lot of tunes.

I'm an adult. Am i too old to take lessons?
It is never to late for piano lessons! Even as an adult there are good opportunities to learn to play an instrument, as our brain is constantly up for earning new things.

I live quite a long way from your location. Is it possible to combine two lessons?
No problem, as long as I have a gap in my schedule.

Is it possible to have lessons in my home?
Currently not. All lessons take place at my normal teaching location. This is because it takes to much to time to travel between locations for just a lesson or two.

My ability to take lessons varies. Is it possible to not have a fixed time?
Absolutely. We'll find an arrangement that suits your needs. Just note that students that have a fixed time always have the first priority, so my ability to give lessons on varied time might vary as well. If you have to possibility to take a lesson during the day time, it is usually more available times, as most of my students has their lessons in the evening.

If I bought lessons but need to pause them, can I still have them at a later time?
It is always possible to use the lessons you've already paid for. They remains yours forever. Just note that you previous lesson time might not be available, and that I might have to put you in queue for a while. Also, note that all lessons are personal and that you cannot pass them over to another student, with the exception of people that is part of your own family. If you are unsure about your ability to use your lessons, I recommend that you buy a smaller amounts of lessons at a time.

Am I always guaranteed a place? What if all spots are filled?
If you have a fixed time you'll always have the first priority regarding that time. If you do not have fixed time you can only book lessons if there is available spots. I accept no more than 30 students at a time, so that I will make sure that there will be at least a few available spots. You might however have to book your lesson a couple of weeks in advance. If you want start lessons when all spots are already filled: I will tell you that all spots are filled and put you on my queue list. Once there is an available spot, I will email you and see if you are still  interrested.

Can I buy lessons as a gift?
Of course! Contact me and i'll arrange a gift card.

What can i expect from the first lesson?
During the first lesson I will ask you a lot of questions, and try to figure where it is proper to begin. I always have material prepared if you do not have any thoughts yourself regarding where you want to start. By the end of the lesson, we'll have decided where to start in terms of style, level of difficulty etc. It might take 2 or 3 lessons before we are completely "in phase" with how the lessons should be designed for you. By that time, I have seen you more than once, and have a clearer picture of your level of progress and motivation from the previous lessons. 

Give me a few examples of how a lesson might look.
As all lessons are uniquely designed it might look very different. Some of my students are learning about chords and how to comp themselves. Some of my students are playing classical piano. Some work with improvisational music. Some work with scales and technique. And some students work with music theory, ear training, song writing or lyric writing.

Can the prizes of the lessons be changed?
The prizes cannot be changed. For lesson you pay me I will loose 25 % in VAT, a bit more in other taxes, a long with other necessary costs such as piano tuning, rent, and unpaid time for planning to lesson. Because of that, my prizes are necessary in order to make to business work financially. If you wonder more about how I think regarding prizes, feel free to read my price policy.

Do I need my own instrument?
You will not need your own instrument in order to try a couple of piano lessons. However, you will need your own instrument in the long run in order to get better at playing the piano.

How much should I practice?
How much you want to practice is completely up to you. If you practice more you might develop your playing more, but it is also important that your practice is concentrated and executed with quality. It is better to practice for a shorter amount of time at several occasions, than it is to practice for a long time just once. The brain cannot concentrate properly for more than 15-20 minutes, and if you practice as you are unfocused, you might teach yourself a couple of mistakes because of that. If you want to practice a lot, do it in small intervals. Perhaps a little every day? :)