Solo Piano

” Just as with early (Keith) Jarret the many melodious melodies is one of the most characteristic aspects in Erik Slättberg’s piano playing. But that is also where the similarities ends. Erik has a whole other touch and temperament, that one could call nordic.”

” Shimmering music with a lot of warmth, that doesn’t let itself be defined by style. Some jazz, some in the style of swedish songs, a little classical and maybe a bit of pop. For the music on Searching For Home, the style has inferior significance, far more important is the emotion the music brings fourth” (Album review of “Searching For Home, Lira Musikmagasin #2, 2017)

Do you want to hire me as a pianist? Or do you want custom-made line up that serves your needs? I have a large network, and a lot of experience of playing a lot of different styles and on a lot of different kinds of ocassions. Email me and I will tell you more. Also, read below for some examples of what my services might look like:

Background Piano – This is live music that are performed in the background at your party, mingle, or on your café. Behind the piano I have a lot of possibility to create a comfortable mood, without taking the focus from your socializing. I have a broad repertoire consisting of not only jazz, but also classical music and pop.

Duo/Trio-line ups – Small and smooth lineups has become my speciality. A small lineup is usually pleasant for the ear, and often works well both for concert and for background music. I often play with singers or a jazz trio, but the line ups can also be customized. For example, why not check out my jazz duo Doo-Wop-A-Duo?

Repertoire List – Do you wonder what I got on my repertoire? Here you will find a list over some music I play. This list is by no means complete, but it might help you to get a clearer picture of what I might play.

Solo Piano – As a solo pianist, I sometimes performs my own music and in my own name. With two solo piano records I have a large repertoire consisting of original music, but I also perform music from other composers. This is a project that focuses largely on the art of improvisation, as i’m sitting down at the piano, just seeing what happens in the moment. It is a very exciting project where the music isn’t predetermined, and where the music isn’t ment to be limited to any given norm or musical style. Sometimes the music is large and intense. Other times, it is more minimalistic and meditative. Either way, the music often ends up as some sort of mix between jazz, pop and classical music.