Music With Erik is partly a record label, which is owned by Erik Slättberg. It is a small indie label that was created when Erik needed to find a way to release his own music. Today it also includes the music of some of Music With Erik’s friends and colleagues. Below you will find the complete catalogue of the music (in a chronological order) that has been released through Music With Erik.


Erika Lindholm – Erika Lindholm (EP, 2019)
Erik Slättberg – Growth (Album, 2018)
Jag tycker jag är vacker – Vi delar stämband (EP, 2018)
Hello Ocean – Jag Finns Kvar (Single, 2018)
Erik Slättberg – Searching For Home (Album, 2017)
Dumheten – Och Bara Låta (EP, 2016)

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