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Welcome to my blog! This is the part of Music With Erik where I get a little more personal. I will share some of my thoughts, but also take the opportunity to I to present perspectives, insights and mindsets that can benefit your musicianship. So if you’re having a little more interest in a specific subject, this might be the place to look.


All my life I’ve been interested in the mental aspects of music. I’ve spent a great deal of my musical practicing trying to solve challenges by using my mind, pondering questions such as “what’s the secret behind growing the skills of my musicianship?” and “how can I relate to all the aspects of being a musician and still feel effortless, confident and creative?”. Now, it is time for me to share my thoughts about all of this.


My vision is that you’ll be able to find new perspectives and insights and that this site – by it’s blog, lessons and video courses – can serve as an educational platform for your musical growth.


I am a university educated music and piano teacher, but also a composer and freelance musician. All of the concepts, ideas and specific methods shared on this site are ones I’ve personally experienced.


So, this particular blog will deal with how to improve specific skills as well as how to expand your mindset about practicing music. The main parts of this site will be focused on blog posts and video courses, split into a few different categories:


  • Practice routines / Skill development – lessons on how you can make your practicing more efficient and how to develop specific skills through well-thought-out exercises.
  • Reflections and mindsets – a less practical, but equally important, segment that deals with setting a mental compass – towards a more open, flexible and possibility oriented outlook on life.
  • Inspiration and creativity – lessons on how to trigger your creativity, to inspire and treat yourself better in regard to your musicianship.
  •  Improvisation – lessons on how to become a better improviser and how to relate to music with an improvisational approach.
  • The things around the actual playing – pretty much everything else, such as how to feel more confident with performing, how to set up good working routines, or personal reflections.


Music has taught me so much about being a human being, and I feel so happy to start share my thoughts with you. So welcome to my blog!


Best Regards, Erik


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